Recenserad i Sverige 🇸🇪 den 21 juni 2022
This hairdryer is a really decent hairdryer and it's attachments feel good quality.

It would however be nice if the attachments attached and detached from the hairdryer in a way that you didnt feel like you would break it or someone else.

The first time I put the diffusing attachment on, I couldnt. I thought that maybe, somehow, the attachment was for a different model and accidentally got packaged with this hairdryer.

My husband came to the rescue and I witnessed the quality and strength of the hairdryer and attachment at work. The amount of force needed to attache the attachment is ridiculous.

I wanted to make sure the attacent was not no permanently attached to the hairdryer so I tried to remove it. Pulling it out straight was not working cause the diffuser is quite large and my hands not so much. So I tried pushing it out from under the attachment.

It came out...oh boy did it come out. The diffuser attachment detached with a loud pop and went flying through the air, hitting my husband on the forehead.

Safe to say, husband reattached it for me after many, many laughs and the attachment will never be removed again. I'll just pretend it is permanently fused to the hairdryer.

It should be noted that unlike other reviewers, my hairdryer does not have a retractable cord. This leads me to believe that this is not a genuine Babyliss product.
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