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Recenserat i Sverige den 14 oktober 2021
Bought as a gift to a 5 year old - she pretended she was tired so she could go play with it!

Build quality is good and robust, light and thin enough, clearly designed for the intended user (kids). The only issues I really had were the stand, which broke almost immediately, and that it's not USB-C, not that I expected USB-C at this price point. I also found a better solution in regards to charging that works great (next paragraph).

Battery time is as most say pretty bad, maybe 2-3 hours tops, but I got one of those magnetic charging cables so it's safe to charge the unit while she uses it as nothing can rip out. I would say the battery life is mostly a non-issue considering the intended user. I really recommend you get one of these magnetic cables for charging as micro USB isn't exactly known for its robustness. The unit charges up even during use, which is not always the case with cheaper tablets (big plus).

Performance wise, it has enough space for a lot of apps and enough RAM to keep multiple apps active. This is usually a problem with cheaper units. Storage can be extended with an SD card but I would not recommend you putting anything on this SD card other than photos and videos as SD cards are notoriously slow. The processor isn't super snappy but it's fast enough that using the unit isn't an annoyance. It manages 1080p@60FPS playback on youtube so you really can't complain about it at this price point. The screen is clear, albeit a little dark if you are in direct sunlight.

it comes pre-installed with a lot of stuff for kids, parental control is easily setup out of the box and it's nice to see that a product targeted towards kids has all this in mind.

All in all, I can recommend this product if the intended user is a child, from my personal experience.
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