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Vader's little princess: ... har lagts till i din kundvagn
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Vader's little princess: (Star Wars Kids Book, Star Wars Children's Book, Geek Dad Books)

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  • Vader's Little Princess – EN
  • Abrams & Chronicle Books
  • 18697
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  • Vader's little princess: (Star Wars Kids Book, Star Wars Children's Book, Geek Dad Books)
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In this irresistibly funny follow-up to the breakout bestseller Darth Vader and Son, Vader--Sith Lord and leader of the Galactic Empire--now faces the trials, joys, and mood swings of raising his daughter Leia as she grows from a sweet little girl into a rebellious teenager. Smart and funny illustrations by artist Jeffrey Brown give classic Star Wars moments a twist by bringing these iconic family relations together under one roof. From tea parties to teaching Leia how to fly a TIE fighter, regulating the time she spends talking with friends via R2-D2's hologram, and making sure Leia doesn't leave the house wearing only the a skirted metal bikini, Vader's parenting skills are put hilariously to the test.


Father's Day Gift Guide PickThe classic tale about Darth Vader and Princess Leia: Will your daughter love it? Guaranteed?

Darth Vader and Son was so successful and superb, that the next book Vader's Little Princess has hit stands this week to much rejoicing from fans. Following a similar theme to the first book, Vader's Little Princess focuses on the relationship between Darth Vader and Leia, as she goes through her 'rebellious' teens. Both Darth Vader and Son and Vader's Little Princess are...definitely worth the Imperial credits.
-Bleeding Cool

Vader's Little Princess is a perfect book to give to a little geek girl, as artwork is fun to look at, and the words easy to read for young readers. Together with Darth Vader and Son, these two little books belong on any nerd's shelf, and Star Wars fans are missing out if they don't pick up a copy of each.

Vader's Little Princess is an imaginative book that you won't want to miss
- Lansing State Journal

Vader's Little Princess is one of those books that had me turning to my husband after every page and announcing, 'This is so going to be you in a few years!' Darth Vader calling up warm and fuzzy feelings of parental camaraderie in the face of raising a daughter? That's what makes this book so awesome...This is a hilarious and surprisingly insightful take on fathers and daughters. I felt for Vader a little bit by the end.
-Geek Mom

- Game Informer Magazine

if anyone wants to buy me a Mother's Day gift. I'm just saying. This would be perfect.
- Mommyish.com

it really is a creative, funny book. Written in comic book style, the story has Darth Vader and his daughter interacting over father-daughter things: brushing the backs of your teeth and how to fly a TIE fighter. You know, normal family stuff.
-Cupcakes and Cashmere

Father's Day Gift Guide Pick
Leading the Galactic Empire is cake compared to raising a teenage girl. A follow-up to the best-selling
Darth Vader and Son, this sweet, funny graphic novel imagines Darth Vader's fatherhood trials and tribulations with a coming-of-age Leia.
-Daily Candy

Have an intergalactic storytime with your mini Padawan. Check out the amusingly clever Vader's Little Princess
-Parents Magazine

Heartwarming is a word bandied about a bit much, to the point where it has lost currency. So let me be clear here that I am not using it lightly. Vader's Little Princess is as heartwarming as it is hilarious, with the power to believably cast one of cinema's all-time great villains as a believable, fallible, embarrassed and embarrassing Dad. This book is equal parts love letter to Star Wars and tribute to the wonder, emotions, and trials of parenthood...Both funny and touching, Vader's Little Princess shows again that Jeffrey Brown is as good at making this kind of book as he is the autobiographical, indie comix for which he was once better known. Not to be missed.
-Comic Buzz

Holiday Gift Guide Pick- Ain't It Cool News

Holiday Gift Guide Pick- Geeks of Doom

I know Jeffrey Brown's Vader and Son was a big success because everyone to whom I showed it, loved it. However, as the father of a 4-year-old girl I'm looking forward even more to Vader's Little Princess. Maybe there'll be a cartoon about little Leia inexplicably belting out 'Call Me Maybe'.-
- Comic Book Resources

If this wasn't a Star Wars book, I'd still buy it, because Jeffrey Brown is great. But it is also a Star Wars book, and a sequel at that. Brown's funny, touching, and incisive view of parenthood under the guise of a pop culture dalliance is worth your time and money, and I can't wait to place it next to its predecessor on the shelf.

If you're a 'Star Wars' fan, a parent, or both, Vader's Little Princess will speak to you, reassuring you that even if you had complete mystical mastery over The Force and the awe and respect of legions of stormtroopers -- being a parent is still the most daunting and rewarding task of all.
-The Trades

It isn't always all about Luke. For Star Wars fanatics, a hilarious look at Darth Vader raising a pint-sized Princess Leia-and all the parenting trials (saying no to the metal bikini, for one) that go with it.
- Real Simple

It's delightful. As the father of two girls, I can relate to Vader's frustrations and sometimes helplessness in the face of a strong-willed daughter. Sometimes, the Force just isn't enough.
- GeekDad.com

Jeffrey Brown has once again done the impossible - he has proven that Star Wars-based comedy can be fresh, irreverent and deeply funny. Whether or not you have (or want) kids of your own, this is essential reading.

Jeffrey Brown's new book of Star Wars-inspired cartoons is a must-have for any fan.
-USA Today's Pop Candy

Last year, talented artist Jeffrey Brown delivered a massive hit with his charming re-imagining of the relationship between the Dark Lord of the Sith and his four-year-old son Luke Skywalker. Now, he repeats his success with another illustrated outing focusing on Darth Vader and his daughter Princess Leia. The cover, for example, shows the Star Wars villain having to sit through a toy tea party with Leia and her stuffed Ewok. Throughout the book, the put-upon dad has to suffer through many of his daughter's annoying teenage demands, from dating undesirables to sitting through a horrible ballet performed by Jar Jar Binks. Especially wonderful is a wistful one where the Sith master gets misty remembering how sweet and innocent Leia used to be when she was a little girl. Chronicle has also published a must-have Postcard edition of Darth Vader and Son ($9.95). The two volumes make thoughtful gifts for all the Star Wars fanatics in your life-or anyone who grew up loving MAD magazine's clever spoofs of pop culture icons.
-Animation Magazine

One of the Great Illustrated Books of 2013
-Chicago Tribune

The joys, frustrations, and awkward moments are all played out with a lot of truth, and adding the Dark Lord of the Sith being the parent is just a delightful twist...It's a delight to see the Dark Lord of the Sith dealing with a feisty teenager, and parents and kids will immensely enjoy this book for Father's Day and every day of the year.
School Library Journal

This is a must-have book for any Star Wars fan
- Nerdist

This small collection of drawings will delight any Star Wars fan.
-North Shore News

We can tell you that it's seriously cute.
-The Mary Sue

When Vader stares down Princess Leia asking What exactly is it that you do? Brown captures the impenetrability of knowing one's parents. Sounds like a stretch, perhaps. And yet his Vader books capture the everyday push-pull between parents and kids - oppressor and rebel, you might say - so thoughtfully and cleverly, the 'Star Wars' stuff recedes at times.
- Chicago Tribune

7 out of 10 stars. Released with perfect timing for Father's Day, this is a great little present for the Rebel or Imperial father in any family.
- Starburst Magazine

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Graeme Bell
5,0 av 5 stjärnor Fantastic for the Geek Father.
Granskad i Storbritannien den 19 mars 2020
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor but a good quality book
Granskad i Storbritannien den 27 oktober 2016
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Leah Smith
5,0 av 5 stjärnor Vader's Little Princess
Granskad i Storbritannien den 3 september 2016
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Ultimate gift for a Daddy who loves Star Wars!
Granskad i Storbritannien den 23 april 2018
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Mr. M. A. Spridgeon
5,0 av 5 stjärnor Most importantly, the cards are fun
Granskad i Storbritannien den 10 augusti 2014
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