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Tractive GPS-Tracker för Hundar, 1 st, Svart

4,2 av 5 stjärnor 3 073 betyg

Pris: 303,00 kr

Om denna artikel

  • Live tracking- och platshistorik
  • Definiera ett säkert område för ditt husdjur
  • Aktivitetskontroll: håll din hund frisk och i form
  • Platsspårning jorden runt
  • Laddningsbart och utbytbart batteri – hund-GPS-spåraren laddas på bara 2 timmar med en batteritid på 2–5 dagar och kan bytas ut mot ett annat. (Extra batterier finns tillgängliga)


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  • Tractive GPS-Tracker för Hundar, 1 st, Svart
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  • josi.li spårficka, nylon, extralt, vattenfast, lämplig för tractive Dog, lämplig för simning, färgval (upp till 30 mm halsbredd)
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  • Tractive GPS DOG 4 – GPS hundspårare och hundaktivitetsmätare med obegränsat intervall, vattentät (nyaste modellen)
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Tractive GPS-hundspåraren är inte bara vattentät och robust, det gör att du kan se ditt husdjurs plats var som helst, när som helst. Du kan spåra din lurviga vän i realtid – utan begränsningar. Gå åt platshistoriken på din smartphone och njut av många roliga funktioner tillsammans med ditt husdjur. Tractive GPS-produkter kan användas med katter och hundar nästan var som helst i världen. Oavsett om du reser eller stannar hemma. Även om du bor nära gränsen, kommer Tractive GPS-spårare att använda det bästa tillgängliga mobilnätverket. Fäst helt enkelt Tractive GPS-hundsökare på kragen, börja LIVE-spårning och få geofence-varningar.

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4,2 av 5 stjärnor
4,2 av 5
3 073 övergripande betyg
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Craig Laws
3,0 av 5 stjärnor It's possibly the best dog tracker available, but that doesn't make it perfect.
Granskad i Storbritannien den 7 maj 2019
Verifierat köp
3,0 av 5 stjärnor It's possibly the best dog tracker available, but that doesn't make it perfect.
Granskad i Storbritannien den 7 maj 2019
I’m writing this review, desperately wishing that the new Tractive GPS dog device was better than it is. I really want to like this product, and in truth it’s quite possibly the best of its kind, but there are many issues that you need to be aware of if considering this dog tracker.

My wife and I are self-confessed gadget geeks, and our house is full of tech and automation. And given that the most precious thing to us both is our Border Collie, Storm, it’s only natural that our use of technology extends to keeping her safe and where she belongs. She’s four months old, and for the first three months I did extensive research into what dog trackers were available. Although none seem to be universally praised, Tractive did at least have the most consistently good user reviews. And, just as I purchased one, a new version was released. I sent the original one back and started our dog tracking experience with the latest generation, only available for a few weeks at time of review. Just for clarification, whatever you spend on the device itself you’ll also need to factor in the subscription costs of the sim, which is paid up-front for a 1-2 year package.

First reaction on opening the box is that it’s a much more compact device to the previous one. I’d had reservations about the clunky box of plastic which made up the previous model, but this is a much more ergonomic device. As you can see from my pictures it’s a much less intrusive item, even on our young pup. You get a rubberised plastic mount which attaches around your dog’s collar/harness quite securely, and then the GPS tracker snaps into this mount, held in by a couple of quick-release buttons on either side. It feels secure, and surprisingly our dog hasn’t been bothered by it at all. She’s not tried to remove it, or even scratch at it. It’s an easy operation to charge the device: Remove the GPS from your dog, unclip the battery half of the device and plug into the USB charging dock. Physically then, I’m very happy with the design.

In operation, though, there are things that aren’t so satisfactory. I’ll highlight my concerns:

1. Virtual-fencing: In theory, absolutely brilliant. In reality, flawed. The app allows you to highlight an area in which your dog can be, and if it strays out of this area you get an alert sent to your phone to warn you. The smallest radius that this can be set to is 50m, which at first I thought was too large for my liking, but I soon realised why. Every ten minutes or so I was getting an alert to tell me that Storm had left the virtual-fence zone, despite her lying on the floor in front of me. I’d look at the map on the app and see that she’s apparently two streets away. And then ten minutes later, another alert to say she’d re-entered the zone, having not moved an inch. We tried to justify this, as we’re inside a house, but then we check our Find My iPhone app which correctly pinpointed two iPhones, two iPads and my Apple Watch to within a few metres which suggests it’s not that difficult. To counter these false-positives I’ve had to widen the radius of the virtual-fence, which really lessens the point of having it in the first place. Effectively, Storm could be 80m away from our property before we’d know. Which leads me to the next issue:
2. Refresh of location data. I mentioned before that we were getting alerts every 10 minutes or so. That’s because it seems to refresh the GPS location approximately every 10 minutes. A dog can travel a long way in 10 minutes. I’m not sure if this is consistent or not, but just before starting to write this review my wife and I carried out an experiment. She took Storm in the car to a park 9 miles away, and they were 1.5 miles away before I got an alert to say that Storm was outside of the virtual-fence zone. I opened up the app to see where they were, and watched it until it next refreshed. It was nearly 10 minutes when it did, and even then it said the location was 2 minutes old. All of this time I was tracking my wife’s phone on Find My iPhone and could see she was already another two miles further down the road. She’d been walking for a couple of minutes before the app refreshed to say they’d arrived at the park. This doesn’t inspire confidence that if Storm did go missing I’d be able to pinpoint her. There is a function in the app to allow “Live Tracking”, which refreshes quicker for a limited period of time but at the cost of reduced battery life. Which leads me nicely to the next point….
3. Battery life. The manufacturer’s claim is 2-5 days. In total truth, they’re not lying. The device has manged 48 hours….just! I’ve kept a close eye on the charge level throughout the day during this last week as the app tells you the percentage left, and leaving the tracker on the dog all of the time and never using the Live Tracking function I can just get 48 hours out of it before it dies. It’s not as impressive as I’d hoped.
4. The App. The app itself is pretty decent, although I have a few minor quibbles. Storm's profile never saves the picture we upload. I don’t know if this is because we have the app across four Apple devices, but I’ve tried saving it dozens of times and it’s still blank. Not a big issue I agree, however I’m also not entirely convinced by the tracking data. You can see the location history, and it zig-zags all over the place. Generally, where the heat maps are, the rough locations are correct, but zooming in shows that it’s very random. Overlay the data with Strava or RunKeeper (our human tracking apps) and Tractive is well out. It leads you to question the activity data that the app keeps, especially since I’m not sure if it’s taking into account when the dog is travelling in a car. The location map would suggest it can’t differentiate when the dog is out for a walk or travelling by car, something that even the Pokemon game knows how to do!

So, there are some considerable reasons as to why I can’t award this Tractive GPS a five-star review. It’s disappointing that even despite the flaws, it’s still the best tracker and no one seems to have come up with a more reliable method of tracking our dogs. Not withstanding how expensive dogs are to buy, and the considerable time invested in training them, ultimately they’re an important part of our families and I’m more than happy to invest whatever is necessary to keep her safe. Several times I’ve said, tongue in cheek, that it’s worth buying an extra Apple Watch for the dog instead. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. It’s a lot smaller, the battery life of two days is similar to the Tractive, the location tracking is absolutely on the nose and I pay £5 a month to EE for a sim deal. Maybe I'm tainted by how accurate modern tracking apps are for us humans, but why can't a device specifically made for tracking be just as good?

I’m not saying the Tractive GPS is a poor product, and any tracker for your dog is better than none (remembering that a GPS tracker does not replace the legal requirement for your dog to be micro-chipped), but I hope I’ve given you some useful information to consider before buying.
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Granskad i Tyskland den 6 mars 2020
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Preis-Leistung top
Granskad i Tyskland den 6 mars 2020
Ich habe den Tracker seit Ende Jänner und gebe nach ausführlichen Tests hier meine bisherigen Erfahrungen wieder.
Der Tracker bietet zwei Betriebsarten an: einen Live-Modus, der hervorragend funktioniert. Man kann ihn jeweils auf bis zu einer Stunde einstellen und bekommt damit eine sehr genaue Aufzeichnung des zurückgelegten Weges des Hundes.
Natürlich ist das ein enormer Vorteil, sollte der Hund tatsächlich einmal einer Wildspur folgen wollen, oder aus anderen Gründen unerlaubt ins Dickicht verschwinden.
Im Standard-Modus, der bei einem Spaziergang normal gewählt wird, zeichnet der Tracker die Position viel seltener auf, was zu eher ungefähren Bewegungsverläufen führen kann.
Da ich damit nicht zufrieden war, habe ich die Service-Hotline von tractive kontaktiert und dabei die Erfahrung gemacht, dass dort überaus kompetente und problemlösungsorientierte Damen arbeiten. Gemeinsam haben wir meinen Tracker jetzt so optimiert, dass ich ihn uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen kann.
Was die Haltbarkeit des Gerätes betrifft, kann ich noch keine Aussagen treffen. Ich habe von Anfang an eher kein Vertrauen in die Befestigung gehabt, weshalb er bei mir noch durch einen Stoffschlauch mit Klettverschlüssen 100%ig vor Verlust geschützt am Halsband befestigt ist.
Mit der Akkuleistung bin ich zufrieden. Zwei Tage hält der Akku problemlos, auch bei live-Betrieb während der Spaziergänge.
Die App funktioniert sehr gut. Sie bietet Angaben zu den Tracks und Statistiken zur Aktivität des Hundes. Inkludierte Anwendungen, wie ein Ranking aller teilnehmenden Hunde in den letzten 30 Tagen, führen sich leider ad absurdum, da viele Hundebesitzer unrealistische Punkte mit ihren Trackern (wohl mit Hilfe ihrer Autos, usw.) produzieren.
Insgesamt also auf jeden Fall eine Empfehlung für technikinteressierte Hundebesitzer. Dass man einen Ausreißer über die live-Verfolgung des tractive leicht im Auge behalten und wiederfinden kann, wird wohl wichtigste Grund für die Anschaffung des Trackers bleiben!

update 21.04.2020
Bin nach wie vor von dem Gerät - und vom hervorragenden Kundendienst - begeistert. Inzwischen konnte ich mich auch von der Wassertauglichkeit des Trackers überzeugen. Meine Hündin ist zwar keine große Schwimmerin, besteht aber nach einem Spaziergang auf ihrem "Bad" im Teich.
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1,0 av 5 stjärnor If I could give 0 stars, I would.
Granskad i Storbritannien den 21 augusti 2019
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Peace of mind and makes for interesting viewing too
Granskad i Storbritannien den 5 juni 2019
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Peace of mind and makes for interesting viewing too
Granskad i Storbritannien den 5 juni 2019
I bought this tracker as I have a young dog that frightened the life out of me last week by escaping out of my garden. Fortunately she wears an identity tag and was picked up by a passers by and quickly brought home but it could have been such a different outcome.
Cue a lot of research on tracking devices (both pet versions and car / people versions) So why the Tractive? First of all, it's small and sits easily on her collar so she isn't discomforted by it. Secondly, it clips on and off in seconds so it's really easy to take off for charging. Finally, it does everything that I want from a pet tracker. It refreshes often (far more than other brands) so I know where she is NOW not 2 minutes ago. A dog can run a long way in 2 minutes! It also geo-fences so I get an alert if she leaves the designated area...and I can have more than one area. Useful when she's at my dad's house.
Finally, I see a lot on the battery life. My experience is that it's plenty good enough. I put the tag on her at 6am and remove it for charging overnight at 1am. I have never had less than 40% charge. Remember that it doesn't need to be "live" all the time.
For me, it's been a perfect buy, giving me the peace of mind that a regular identity tag alone can never do. It's also really cool to see your dog's activities and movement recorded each day.
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4,0 av 5 stjärnor Útil, pero con necesidad de mejoras.
Granskad i Spanien den 18 juli 2019
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109 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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