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S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10:e MKII AK4493 HIFI 768KHz 32Bit XMOS USB Native DSD256 avkodare (svart)

av S.M.S.L
4,6 av 5 stjärnor 131 betyg

Pris: 1 059,90 kr

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  • 2 av japanska NDK ultratoljudsklockor, vilket minskar systemet JITTER. Lågbrus kraftreningssystem för optimal prestanda endast via USB-batteri.
  • Inbyggd gravitationstransformator, växlar automatiskt skärmen.
  • Kompatibel med allt större ljud.
  • USB digitalt gränssnitt använder den avancerade XMOS asynkron bearbetningsmodulen. Den är skräddarsydd av Thesycon i Tyskland. När den jämfört med den offentliga versionen av föraren har ljudeffekten som helhet förbättrats och stöder både inbyggd DSD och Dop, stöder upp till 32 bit/768 kHz och DSD256-avkodning.
  • AKM:s seninställda DAC-chip AK4493 den har noggrant justerats av begåvade ingenjörer för att uppnå en oöverträffad låg snedvridning på 0,002 % (-113 dB).


  • Produkten har slutat tillverkas : Nej
  • Produktens mått : 10 x 5 x 5 cm; 500 Gram
  • Tillverkare : S.M.S.L
  • ASIN : B085TF124M
  • Artikelnummer : SMSL Sankrit 10th MKII Black
  • Kundrecensioner:
    4,6 av 5 stjärnor 131 betyg

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  • S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10:e MKII AK4493 HIFI 768KHz 32Bit XMOS USB Native DSD256 avkodare (svart)
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  • KabelDirekt – 0,5m RCA ljud-videokabel/-sladd (2 RCA till 2 RCA, förstärkare, AV-mottagare, HiFi, digital och analog, dubbel skärmning) PRO-serien
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Inmatning: USB/Optisk/Koaxial
Produktionsnivå: 2,2 Vrms
THD+N: 0,0002 %
Dynamiskt omfång: 118dB
SNR: 120 dB
USB-kompatibilitet: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X10.6 eller senare/Linux
USB: 1 bit ~ 32 bitars
Optisk/koaxial: 16 bit~24 bitar
PCM: 44,1 ~ 768 kHz
DSD: 2,28224~11,2896MHz
Optisk/koaxial: 32 KHz ~ 192 kHz
Energiförbrukning: 2 W
Standbyeffekt: <0,1 w
Storlek: 75 x 45 x 144 (b x h x D)
Vikt: 320 g

Kundens frågor och svar


4,6 av 5 stjärnor
4,6 av 5
131 övergripande betyg
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Recenserat i Sverige den 16 mars 2021
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor It won a faceoff against Topping D10, D30, E30, D50s and the JDS Atom DAC....
Granskad i Kanada den 21 september 2020
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor It won a faceoff against Topping D10, D30, E30, D50s and the JDS Atom DAC....
Granskad i Kanada den 21 september 2020
My friend Philippe and I were on a search for a DAC that we can enjoy more than our current ones. We both share some strong similarities in target sound:
His are slightly warmer and smoother than mine
You know mine already. I'm pretty big on holographic layering these days.

SMSL Sanskrit 10th mkII presented the best sonic compromise of all the best qualities of the group while trading off things we didn't feel as important but could be for some.

On the other hand, we felt the JDS Atom DAC to put a lot of micro details and tones forward which could veil the rest. It's a quality that could please those with a fast system looking to listen to the edges and have the hearing ability to enjoy this (I'm talking about you Vru Ksha). We couldn't hear anything else but the microdetails at some point and became fatigued.

In the end, SK10ii maintained its composure across a grueling test of songs that made other DACs more uncomfortable to listen or simply more incompetent and dead sounding that they were quickly boxed back with a return label to amazon (thank god for such return policy)

Final ranking:
Topping D50/D10/D30 (debatable)

What have we learned:

If the team is incompetent, information will be veiled no matter what.
Fancy pieces of tech (ess9038something) can be reproduced infinitely and sold in the cheapest boxes, great engineers are more expensive (you interview them, you hire them, you train them, you pay them, etc...)
AKM's "velvet sound" and Sabre's ESS "glare-cold-analytical" don't mean shit. If the implementation calls for micro-details, then it will sound micro-detail edgy/fast no matter what.

It has little effect on how it sounds in the end.
We still won't know until we try it.

Now lets get on with the comparisons.

Macbook Pro (unplugged battery powered) ->
Audirvana with Tidal and FLAC ->
USB ->
DACs ->
Douk MC403 passive source switcher ->
Mogami RCA with Nakamichi Plugs ->
Sansui AU-D55X ->
Knuconcepts OFC cables->
Cerwin-Vega D3 speakers

We AB test with stock filters that come set by default when you unbox it. If we like something, then we find the best filters for it.

Relevant Test songs
Anderson Paak - The Bird: Anderson's raspy voice with lots of Bass notes nuances and layered instruments.
Diana Krall - Live in Paris - Let's fall in love: Diana's silky warm voice with lots of layers, soundstage information and sonic positioning in this live recording.
Glass Animals - Flip: Deeeeeeeeppp bass + whispery high voice that builds up to a PLAY EVERYTHING LOUD with voice. This destroys DACs that can't maintain composure and become congested and flattened 2D'ed.
The Midnight - Daytona: A repeated set of fast synthwave micro-tones enough to reveal micro-edge detail and of course edge distortion of DACs followed by repeated drum notes with more synthnotes and a dithered calming voice to even reveal more micro-edges. The headache song truly.

The unexpected 2nd place: JDS Atom DAC
Awesome customer service
Dedicated power supply.
A serious no BS approach.
A long track record of decent transparency forward scientific implementations.
Initial impressions were very positive: It provided control and authority. It told the entire story of every note without letting any of them distort.
You basically hear EVERYTHING thanks to the enormous amount of well rendered micro-details (incredible positioning of instruments and Diana Krall's breathing in Let's fall in love, micro-bass detail in Flip, every edge in Daytona).
The amount of micro details were too generous and fatiguing to our ears : All the micro-pressure of the synthnote dithering in Daytona drilled our heads. When all instruments were playing in Flip, the stage was veiled.
Again, that may be because both of our ears were unable to enjoy such abundant amounts of information and perceive the depth there.

Micro-detail lovers, that's your DAC there.

The unexpected winner: SMSL Sanskrit 10thmkII (power supplied)
It first defeated the Topping E30 (same DAC chip, different design team) without breaking a sweat.
Strong bass, Resolving mids,
Great Atom DAC-like authority and control on an impressive amount of macro and micro dynamics without fatiguing like on the Daytona song.
Competent staging of depth, soundstage size, layers and convincing 3d imaging you can walk around there.
Keeps composure on Flip.
Similar to Atom DAC but with micro-detail edges rounded off enough to not fatigue us.
The trade-off is less micro-detail.
We believed it was unexpected
Philippe expected the D50S to win and I went in expecting the Atom DAC to win.
We were proven wrong.
On Daytona, the D50s was sending us a lot of distortion on the dithered synthnotes and the Atom was drilling our skull with so many micro-pressures.
On Flip, the Atom had a hard time keeping composure when everything is playing at the same time.

The defeat of Topping

It's no surprise that Topping has been hyped a lot by a website that provides a generous load of measurement data, namely SINAD. A lot of my current listening equipment has been purchased based on data from such and have been beneficial. However, my most recent run ins with other recommended products (Loxjie D10, Topping D10S) didn't quite hit the mark promised by the measurements.

The Topping I own.
It runs without power supply and only powered via USB and filters out computer noise quite efficiently.
Impactful bass that helps with layering
It's about the only Topping I'd recommend if you're really curious about the brand (I'm going to compare it to the SMSL M100ii later on).
Uncontrolled upper mids sibilance.
Has a narrow soundstage.

The Topping Philippe owns.
Bass shy but warming/veiling the stage
It sounds warm and smooth due to thickness of bass distortion.
It's alright, it can be enjoyed by people looking for a smooth clean-ish ambient sound but confusing imaging

The "best" Topping of the bunch, debatable-ish.
Delivered a laid back liquid-like smooth sound across most test songs.
We found Mode 3 filter to be the best for it.
Not much micro detail and dynamics were shy.
It sounded flat planned, similar to the D30
Daytona revealed a lot of uncontrolled distortion on the micro-edges of synth notes to the point of becoming bothersome and headache inducing. Despite using the best filter, still it's there.

E30 2004 polarity revision edition power supplied
Anemic bass, bass shy,
Uncontrolled mids
Very little dynamic information
Very flat plane, no depth.
It was the worst topping of the bunch.
We quickly discarded it.
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Brilliant!
Granskad i Storbritannien den 4 november 2020
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3,0 av 5 stjärnor I can’t go to sleep!
Granskad i Storbritannien den 11 september 2020
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Excellent dac for the price - recommended
Granskad i Storbritannien den 23 oktober 2020
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Excellent dac for the price - recommended
Granskad i Storbritannien den 23 oktober 2020
Very good value. I have 3 DACs . Modi 3 , Pre Box S2 digital and the one. I would say from initial tests , that the USB input is the best connection - excellent . Co axial is OK, and optical is a little better. This is confirmed on an Audio science test review. They did actual measurements on the DAC connections.
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Stunning sound .... Excellent remote volume
Granskad i Storbritannien den 19 november 2020
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