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Polaroid original, singel, vit

4,6 av 5 stjärnor 3 705 betyg

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  • Original polaroidformat – mindre – 60 dagars batteritid – kraftfull blixt – självutlösare
  • App-funktioner via Bluetooth: komplett manuell styrning av kameran – dubbel exponering – ljusmålning – bullerutlösare och mycket mer!
  • Standard-och porträttjektiv: En är för porträtt, foto från 0,30 cm till 0,60 cm. Det andra är standardjektivet: Foto från 0, 60 cm till Infini
  • Finns för iOS och Android
  • Detta ingår: OneStep+ kamera – USB-laddningskabel – nackrem – användarmanual – Quick Start Guide


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  • Polaroid original, singel, vit
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  • Polaroid Färgfilm för i-Type Dubbelpack
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Färg:vit  |  Stil:singel

Polaroid OneStep+ är en ny analog omedelbar bildkamera som låter dig ansluta till din smartphone och skapa en värld kreativ fotografering. Med den inbyggda polaroid-appen kan du använda fantastiska tekniker som dubbel exponering och ljusmålning, eller tack vare det manuella läget och fjärrutlösaren. Du kan också göra den perfekta sömnen med det extra portobjektivet. Ladda smarttelefonappen för polaroid original i Apple App Store eller i Google Play Store.

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4,6 av 5 stjärnor
4,6 av 5
3 705 övergripande betyg
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Robert Groom
2,0 av 5 stjärnor Image Quality Not Great - Slow To Process - App Is Good
Granskad i Storbritannien den 5 december 2018
Färg: SvartStil: singel
2,0 av 5 stjärnor Image Quality Not Great - Slow To Process - App Is Good
Granskad i Storbritannien den 5 december 2018
I first came across and used a Polaroid back in the '70s. It was better in almost every way than this camera for actually taking photos, which is a shame.

What do I like about this camera?

I like the retro design with the polaroid stripes on the front.
I like the app - it has some nice features for remote controlling the camera and 'scanning' pints.
I like the fact that it has a rechargeable battery.
I like the size of the prints - they are proper Polaroid size.

What don't I like about this camera?

The documentation is really quite poor when you're starting to use it. It needs to g into more detail on how to load the film, and what the roll-out picture cover is for. Even the instructional video is quite vague.
The pictures take an *age* to develop - like 15-20 minutes - for part of the time they need to be covered to protect them from light. This makes it totally impractical for most ad-hoc use - e.g. at a party going around taking snapshots of people. It's a pain to have to wait almost half an hour to find out the exposure was wrong.
Some pictures taken in daylight seem to have a greeny-yellow colour caste to them (see first example above).
There's no white balance adjustment or filter - you can't take pictures using artificial light unless you overpower it with the flash.
The image quality can be somewhat 'soft' with a lack of sharpness and contrast.
The maximum aperture is only f12 - so you need a lot of light if there is any kind of motion in your subject!
The flash can often 'wash-out' the subject - see image 3 above.

OK, so this is a bluetooth enabled retro ('70s) style Polaroid camera which I really wanted to like. I already own two different Fuji instant cameras - a Mini 90 and a Square SQ10. The prints from the Polaroid are full size - this is by far its best advantage over the Fuji - even the square, which has prints aboot 2/3 the size. However, the Polaroid fails completely to capitalise on the additional size in terms of image quality. The pictures I get from both my Fujis have more contrast, sharpness and detail in them - also, they have a more consistent colour accuracy. See my comparison shots. The small ones are Fuji Instax Square and the large ones are the Polaroids. The Instax SQ10 has an advantage in this case beyond the film in that it takes the image digitally, and only when you're happy with the contract, white balance etc does it print to film. You may or may not consider this 'cheating' but it does result in nothing but good prints - no film wastage. The SQ10 is almost the same price as the Polaroid now, so unless I needed the larger prints, or the bluetooth remote control, the SQ10 has to be the better option.

Maybe if you're specifically going for a lo-fi type of shot, the relatively poor image quality might be acceptable to you - however, what is not acceptable is that they take almost half an hour to fully develop, and for some of that time they need to be shielded from light. To assist with that, when the picture ejects, there's a roll-out plastic cover which covers the print until you can take it and place it somewhere face-down. Really? That is such a pain. I don't remember having to do that with Polaroid instant prints in the '70s, so why do yo need to do it now? By contract, the Fuji prints appear in a couple of minutes or so. Way, way quicker - and you don't need to keep them covered at all.

I do like the app - it connects very easily to the camera via bluetooth, and you can adjust aperture and shutter speed manually and get feedback from the camera whether it thinks the image is going to be correctly exposed. A maximum aperture of f12 and film speed of 640 ISO means that you're going to need to have plenty of light or flash to shoot decent images, and will struggle if there is any motion.

A very nice feature of the app is the ability to scan prints in and keep them a digital pictures. It allows you to take the picture at an angle, so you don't get a reflection of yourself or a light source on the surface of the print - it then does a digital letterbox correction, and stores the image complete with white borders. Very nice. Cheekily, I found it also works for Instax pictures too - sorry Polaroid!

So in summary - I wanted this camera to be good. I could live with most of its shortcomings except the image develop time - that's a dealbreaker for me personally. It's just such a faff. I guess you need to ask yourself - do you want the larger image size? If you do, then Polaroid is currently your only option. If you can go small, then I think it's hard to argue that the Instax SQ10 is not the way to go.

A bit of a thumbs down from me, I'm afraid.
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139 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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4,0 av 5 stjärnor Tra vintage e moderno!
Granskad i Italien den 30 oktober 2018
Färg: SvartStil: singelVerifierat köp
4,0 av 5 stjärnor Tra vintage e moderno!
Granskad i Italien den 30 oktober 2018
Presa per un regalo, è piaciuta tantissimo. È una Polaroid "moderna" presenta il bluetooth che permette di controllare la fotocamera dall'app. Per gli appassionati è perfetta! L'unico problema resta il prezzo elevato Delle pellicole, ma rispetto a tutte le altre istantanee è la migliore senza ombra di dubbio!
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48 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor One Step 2
Granskad i Storbritannien den 20 december 2018
Färg: SvartStil: singelVine kundrecension av gratisprodukt( Vad är detta? )
5,0 av 5 stjärnor One Step 2
Granskad i Storbritannien den 20 december 2018
I've been shooting Polaroid for a few years now on the vintage cameras, as nothing can replicate that true polaroid look. I was really excited to try out this newest model as it potentially answers some of the things I wish my older polaroids had - one being a higher success rate, and the other being a self timer. This One Step 2 has bluetooth capability that means you can remotely control it via the app.

I'm used to the vintage older models of camera which don't have a battery but run off the battery pack - this camera comes with a USB and will need charging. The only negative I can find for the camera is with this. The battery will drain itself over time, so you have to remember to check its charge before you take it out to shoot. I imagine this is why the i-Type film works in these cameras and not in the vintage ones - they won't have the battery in the film pack like the 600 film does.

I have found that more shots come out better with this newer model than previous vintage polaroids have. Of course, everything is new and shiny and the emulsion rollers are working better, but i'm confident that if pointed at the right thing and in good light, the shots won't be wasted. A lot of whether the shot works or not is down to you; lighting is the most important, but I would read the guide that comes with the camera as it explains the basics really well.

The thing to remember with Polaroid is that the beauty is in the imperfection. Nowadays we are so used to ultra-clean super-HD photographs that anything lesser looks rubbish, but Polaroids are art. Expensive to shoot, but it's a hobby that is completely worth it. Even still, it takes the best colour grader and photoshop whiz to accurately recreate the look, when you could just shoot it authentic. Polaroid photos are a representation of reality, a dreamy hazed version; they were never meant to be technically accurate photographs.

I like a lot the electronic indicator as to how many shots are left - as you can see from the photo, there are 3 left. Overall, the camera has been very well designed. Compared to other models it does seem a lot more physically robust, and ease of use is very good - a double tap of the + button for the self timer, a single tap to activate the bluetooth, and the Polaroid App is incredibly straightforward and very easy to use.

My favourite things are the self timer, and the bluetooth setting means the double exposure and remote controlling really opens up the creativity. It's a valid addition in today's Instagram world of wanting to get that selfie. Album cover makers, hipsters going to Europe, Hen do's...whoever you are, Polaroids are amazing. We don't print our photos enough any more and it's a shame. With a Polaroid, it's right there. The excitement of waiting for it to reveal as well is still pure magic. I love them.
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3,0 av 5 stjärnor Fun Camera but Not Perfect
Granskad i Storbritannien den 13 augusti 2019
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9 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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1,0 av 5 stjärnor Bad picture quality- don’t buy
Granskad i Storbritannien den 3 januari 2019
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13 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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