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JBL Live Pro+ TWS In-Ear Bluetooth Hörlurar med 3 Känsliga Mikrofoner, Laddningsfodral Upp till 28-timmars speltid, i svart

4,4 av 5 stjärnor 3 494 betyg

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  • Små men kraftfulla; dessa hörlurar erbjuder en fantastisk ljudupplevelse för varje enhet med 11 mm dynamiska drivrutiner och suveränt JBL signaturljud så att du kan njuta av din musik hela dagen
  • Live Pro+ TWS har 3 känsliga mikrofoner för kristallklart samtalsljud så att du hör och förstår allt samtidigt som oönskade bakgrundsljud elimineras
  • Hörlurarna erbjuder upp till 28-timmars total speltid när du använder laddningsfodralet och du kan enkelt ladda upp dem med Speed Charge och Qi-kompatibel trådlös laddning
  • Med Ambient Aware-funktionen kan du kontrollera hur mycket omgivande ljud du vill släppa in; promenerar du i en livlig gatumiljö? Aktivera Ambient Aware för att inte äventyra säkerheten
  • Levererade artiklar: 1 x JBL Live Pro+ TWS in-ear hörlurar med laddningsfodral, 1 x USB kabel typ C, 3 x örontoppar i olika storlekar, 1 x snabbguide/säkerhetsinformation, i svart

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  • Batterier ‏ : ‎ 1 Litiumpolymer Batterier krävs. (inkluderat)
  • Produktens mått ‏ : ‎ 2.3 x 2.3 x 3.3 cm; 60 Gram
  • Tillverkare ‏ : ‎ Harman
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08QV8QKYV
  • Artikelnummer ‏ : ‎ JBLLIVEPROPTWSBLK
  • Kundrecensioner:
    4,4 av 5 stjärnor 3 494 betyg


JBL Live Pro+ TWS Trådlösa In-Ear Hörlurar

Redo för alla dina äventyr - JBL Live Pro+ TWS in-ear hörlurar erbjuder suveränt JBL signaturljud för en total uppslu-
kande och trådlös upplevelse. Med Smart Ambient-funktionen kan du förbli medveten om vad som händer i din omgivning
eller gå in i din egen musikvärld med adaptiv brusreducering. Hörlurarna är små men kraftfulla, med 11 mm dynamiska
drivrutiner som låter dig njuta av dina favoritlåtar vart du än går. Med laddningsfodralet får du upp till 28-timmars speltid
och med My JBL Headphones-appen kan du anpassa ditt ljud exakt hur du vill ha det. Upplev otrolig ljudkvalitet på ett
enkelt sätt med JBL.

  • Trådlösa In-Ear hörlurar
  • Färg: Svart
  • Elementstorlek: 40 mm
  • Bluetooth version: 5
  • Vikt: 6.95g (per öronsnäcka) / 54.7g (laddningsfodral)
  • Frekvensområde: 20Hz-20kHz
JBL by Harman

I mer än 70 år har JBL designat de mest exakta, imponerande ljud som hörs i arenor runt om världen. Harmans uppdrag
och vision är att göra livet mera underhållande, personligt och produktivt åt alla. Företaget kombinerar passion och syfte
med design-smarta produkter, system, programvara och tjänster för att ansluta människor var de än är.

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4,4 av 5 stjärnor
4,4 av 5
3 494 övergripande betyg

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5,0 av 5 stjärnor What you want to know, I paid for them so this is real talk
Recenserad i Storbritannien den 10 april 2021
5,0 av 5 stjärnor What you want to know, I paid for them so this is real talk
Recenserad i Storbritannien den 10 april 2021
After using these for a day they really are the best, I've never spent so much on earphones this is like 10x the amount I would normally pay, but I had some wireless ones before these that was on offer and they stopped working

I got sick of buying them and thought I would treat myself to a "good" pair, after looking on amazon for a very long time I came across these put them in my basket and continued to look for about 3 days all the time returning to these talking myself into it.

The only problem I had was these have been given away for free as the comments show that in green writing that made me feel a little annoyed they are selling these for so much and giving them away for reviews free of charge.

So I'm going to give you a Insight on these this review I'm going to do would be one that I was looking for all along on all earphones.

They are very comfortable and come with a huge range of tips to fit different ears, the app even tells you if the fit is good or not, not sure how but they do..

They feel and look high quality/solid, also the charging case is high quality.

Connectivity is very very good my phone was asking me to pair them before I had chance to open my lock screen, they are magic!

The sound they produce is of very high quality and the bass can be turned very deep if needed on there awesome app

The packaging is really good very well packed compact and neat.

The only problem I had was connecting them to my laptop but that was my fault as I needed to update my driver on my laptop.

The app is amazing it updates your buds and shows you all the information about them battery life on each bud and the case also let's you change the sound preferences, these are one of a kind.

Noise cancelling omg.. Didn't know it was a thing to this level it literally kills all sounds but also somthing I've never experienced is the microphones pick up outside noise and play it to you in real time if you want them too its amazing..

Battery life is as it says

Charging cable is a nice orange colour suits it..

Has a option to find your buds left or right and it's like a key finder makes the one your looking for play a loud tone so you can hear it " not advised if it's in your ear"

Call quality is really good, you don't sound tinny to others so don't listen to others they sound crystal clear. Maybe people don't have great phone mics and people are hearing them as they actually sound :)

All boils down to they are the best I've ever used and I do not regret spending that money on them at all if your like me pondering around looking for good quality but trying to skimp on the price I would suggest you to try these out and just treat yourself they are very good and like me you will be pleased greatly.

Best buy of 2021

Thank you jbl for not letting me down on the trust I gave you buying these.

Update 04/05/21

So I've had these for a good while now, and still the same as before I can't find a flaw in them. I have tried to but they do exactly what they say and preform exactly how they should, sound quality has not changed the batterys on them are still going as they did when new.

I couldn't be anymore happy with them.

If anything changes I will update but as for now they are still the best purchase of 21
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283 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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4,0 av 5 stjärnor Endlich gefunden !
Recenserad i Tyskland 🇩🇪 den 23 juli 2021
97 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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2,0 av 5 stjärnor Don't fit and hello is annoying!
Recenserad i Storbritannien den 10 januari 2022
85 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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Russell Blades/roo_russell@yahoo.co.uk
4,0 av 5 stjärnor These are good buds.
Recenserad i Storbritannien den 5 juni 2021
115 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Stylish and excellent value for money
Recenserad i Storbritannien den 10 maj 2022
5,0 av 5 stjärnor Stylish and excellent value for money
Recenserad i Storbritannien den 10 maj 2022
I've had mine for a number of months now, and they've held up really well. They look great and are lightweight without feeling cheap. The case is sleek and stylish and the magnetic lid snaps shut in a satisfying way. I personally prefer the box-with-lid look over other models that slot in from the narrow end.

I picked these out of all the ones available in my budget because unlike many others, these can be used individually, rather than one connecting to the other, which is great for home office use, being able to swap ears when one gets uncomfortable. I tend to only put both in while out and about, which admittedly isn't often, so I can't speak to battery life. Mine sit on a cheap IKEA wireless charger on my desk most of the time, which keeps them topped up nicely.

You do have to spend some time customising or memorising all the various touch controls, I never changed mine from the defaults and it's second nature by now. I do find myself changing the ANC setting a lot while out and about depending on what I'm walking past and whether there's traffic nearby or I just want to focus on my music.

I also spent a lot of time picking the right rubber tips, including breaking into my box of spares to find the perfect fit, which is a must, as the wrong fit will see you risk losing them, or frankly just feel uncomfortable. If like me you have big ear holes (who knew?) and a box of spare tips, I found out that my biggest spares don't necessarily fit inside the case. If you find the right fit from the included three sets, you're golden.

Sound quality is good, I'm no big audiophile, but as long as the buds sit properly in your ear (the app even has a feature to check the fit) they sound great. One thing I noticed, which seems to be a thing with connecting Bluetooth headsets to windows laptops, is that it shows up as two devices (headset and headphones), one of which has lesser sound quality. In my case Microsoft Teams seems to only be able to use the lesser quality one, so something to watch out for if that's your planned use. That said, it's enough for properly hearing speech in video calls and if you're listening to music on your laptop, just pick the other one.

The companion app is good and gives you full control over the features without resorting to tapping the buds, for example changing the ANC mode or switching to video mode for better audio sync when watching videos on your smartphone.

As I write this, the price is a good lot less than when I bought them last year, so if you're reading this in 2022 and seeing a sub-£100 price, look no further, they're worth that much and more.
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