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Final Fantasy XIV 14 A Realm Reborn (Online) Game PC

Plattform : Windows Vista, Windows XP
3,9 av 5 stjärnor 78 betyg

Pris: 89,00 kr
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  • Classes - Choose a path on which to embarkthe Discipline of War, the Discipline of Magic, the Discipline of the Land or the Discipline of the Handand then select any of various classes of that path with which to make your way in the world.
  • Community Play - Achieve goals impossible for any individual: vanquish hideous fiends; tame the wilderness; build a trading empire. Take on various roles in the organisation and support your partners even while offline.
  • Auto-Translate Feature - This in-game tool allows players with different linguistic backgrounds the ability to engage in conversation, bridging the gap between cultures and making cross-region gaming a reality.
  • The Armoury System - Change classes by simply equipping a different weapon or tool. Spend an hour hunting bounties as a gladiator. Spend another baking in the kitchens as a culinarian. Develop your character however you wish; anyway, anytime, anywhere.
  • Guildleves - Undertake missions known as levequests, a wide assortment of activities that change daily. How many you acceptalone or with friendsand how long you quest are entirely up to you. Determine a style of adventuring based on your terms.

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  • Produkten har slutat tillverkas : Nej
  • Produktens mått : 13.49 x 1.4 x 19 cm; 90.72 Gram
  • ASIN : B00DB4BU9W
  • Artikelnummer : 5021290056268
  • Kundrecensioner:
    3,9 av 5 stjärnor 78 betyg


Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription game, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription as well as purchasing the game in order to play

You may need a UK Square Enix account in order to register this game.

Immerse yourself in a new FINAL FANTASY world.

FINAL FANTASY XIV, a multi-platform, multi-region MMORPG, is the next, major epic from Square Enix. Available for both PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, the title promises to be a watershed in user-friendliness and community diversification. Join players from around the world in an adventure of infinite possibilities.

Embark on the myriad journeys of an epic in FINAL FANTASY XIV, the revolutionary MMORPG from Square Enix. As denizens of the new and visually stunning realm of Eorzea, players will actively engage in compelling storylines narrated through high-definition, real-time events featuring the players own highly personalised and versatile characters.

While exploring even the farthest reaches of this magnificent world, adventurers are given the freedom to entirely alter their gameplay experience by simply swapping out equipment, and realise objectives with or without the aid of others. The entire experience is crafted to accommodate the widest variety of play stylesfrom the lone mercenary with only moments a day to spare, to the legion of comrades campaigning for days on end, and every combination in between.


3,9 av 5 stjärnor
3,9 av 5
78 övergripande betyg
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Bryan A.
5,0 av 5 stjärnor Loving it
Granskad i Storbritannien den 10 september 2013
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8 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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Mr. Kyle S. Donnelly
5,0 av 5 stjärnor good MMO
Granskad i Storbritannien den 12 november 2016
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Really great fun online RPG
Granskad i Storbritannien den 29 november 2013
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En person tyckte detta var till hjälp
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5,0 av 5 stjärnor Amazing!
Granskad i Storbritannien den 3 september 2013
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4 människor tyckte detta var till hjälp
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Kristia W.
4,0 av 5 stjärnor I never intended to play, this, but...
Granskad i Storbritannien den 12 maj 2014
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En person tyckte detta var till hjälp
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